Yoga and mindfulness

This class combines hatha yoga postures (Asanas) and breath control techniques (pranayamas) with Chinese yoga sequences and exercises aimed at mindfulness. Hatha yoga allows you to relax in depth, develop muscular strength, balance and grounding, while Chinese yoga, notably through contraction and relaxation exercises, improves blood circulation and eliminates toxins accumulated in the joints and muscles. muscles. Mindfulness “is a way of calming the mind and body in order to open directly to the experience of the moment by paying deliberate attention, without judgment”. The class also promotes body alignment and synchronization of breath with movement. Overall, we aim to regenerate and strengthen vital energy. The yoga session ends with a guided relaxation (body scan) followed by a short period of guided meditation.

Bilingual class

Tuesday 5:00 to 06:15 p.m.

Hybrid format

Prerequisite : Being able to get on the ground. The exercises will be adapted to each person according to their availability and physical limits.

Teacher : Kathleen Verret

Call us to register : 418-688-3003